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Block Rubber

Rubbermark and the member cooperatives own six block rubber factories aided by World Bank. These factories are designed to produce various grades of ISNR (Indian Standard Natural Rubber) as per international standards and also any type of tailor made rubber as required by consumers.

Latex Concentrates

a) Centrifuged Latex (60 percent)

There are four latex factories processing cenex owned by our member societies whose products are widely accepted throughout India. We produce ISI marked quality Cenex. Our products are being used by all major latex-based industries manufacturing Foam products Pharmaceutical items and all types of dipped goods (balloons, condoms, gloves etc.)

b) Cream Latex

Cream latex of the required DRC (50-55%) are processed by member societies and marketed by Rubbermark in bulk quantities.

Crepe Rubber

a) Pale Latex Crepe (PLC)

Pale Latex Crepe with superfine quality parameters are processed in two of our member society factories under extreme rigid quality conditions as this product goes mainly in the manufacturing of high-tech products mainly in the Pharmaceutical applications.

b) Estate Brown Crepe (EBC)

Various grades of EBC (Estate Brown Crepe)procured by us are produced in various factories that adopt latest techniques and supply to our customers.

Sheet Rubber

a) RSS 1X to RSS III:

The sheet rubber grades from RSS 1X to RSS III are collected from selected plantations sorted and graded under the strict supervision of qualified graders. Each and every sheets are inspected separately for rigid quality specifications and packed in 50 kg bales and despatched to customers as per their request, with rubbermark identify.

b) RSS IV and V:

The sheets collected from various cooperatives and Rubbermark purchase depots are graded under expert supervision as per Green book specifications. These are packed in bales of 50 kgs. and marketed with rubbermark identify.